Join the Hardy Oak PTA

The PTA isn’t just about volunteering. It’s about standing up and saying, “I want more for my child and our community.” An annual membership is the easiest way to show that support.

Being a part of the Hardy Oak PTA doesn’t mean that you’ve obligated yourself to hours of volunteering.  In fact, we won’t contact you about helping out unless you ask us to!  When you are a member of our PTA, you are acknowledging your support of our events and programs like drug prevention, fitness, safety and parent education.

Plus, membership in the Hardy Oak PTA automatically gives you membership into the Texas and National PTAs, giving you access to countless parent resources, benefits and discounts.

You can join online today!


The #1 reason to join your PTA is to support your school and your student.  PTA is dedicated to making your school the best environment for educating your students that it can be. By joining, you are supporting this case.

Studies show that involved parents tend to have safer and higher achieving students. Being a PTA member is one way to be an involved parent.